Sunday, February 19, 2017

NBA All-Star Weekend goes RED

I like to create art during the NBA All-Star Weekend,

so I'm off to New Orleans to join the All Stars for a look back at this weekend thus far, and a look ahead at tonight's big game between the East and West (eastern and western conferences).
If you are a football fan, and watched Super Bowl 51, you might want to rethink your sport.  Unlike the NFL (National Football League) who knew about Houston's Proposition 1, which was struck down (Prop 1 would have prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity) yet still held the game in Houston, my beloved NBA (National Basketball Association) moved the All-Star weekend from Charlotte, North Carolina to New Orleans, Louisiana (or NOLA).

After the surprising events of the 2016 election, the NBA has remained much more outspoken about current events and the political climate in America than other major leagues. The league pulled the All-Star Game from Charlotte after an anti-LBGTQ law was passed in the state. Several coaches and many players have expressed distaste for Donald Trump. Teams have refused to stay at Trump hotels.  The league continues pushing a global initiative as Trump’s presidency ran on nationalism, and there’s a chance the NBA could even expand to Mexico in the coming years. So rethink your sport and enjoy the rest of the NBA All-Star weekend with me in NOLA.

I was definitely on a red kick for this one.

I started with this glitter crayon, but the only glitter seems to be on the crayon cover.

I decided to try using the crayons on a stencil.  This one was gifted me at Christmas by my friend Chris.

This wasn't turning out as I had hoped,

so I grabbed the dabber used to mark bingo numbers.  I have said this before, that this is a really, really inexpensive alternative to those expensive daubers used by a well known artist.  Yes, this entire container cost less than $1.00 (USD).

I got a bit carried away and added the dabber ink to the vintage sheet music, too.

Next it was time to get messy.

When it was wet, I couldn't see much difference in the metallic from the regular craft paint I used.

I missed a step, because after I added the paint, I dripped it down the page.   Here I'm trying to remove paint using a wet baby wipe.

Goodness, nothing is turning out as I anticipated it!  Even the stencil created a problem by allowing paint to pool under it.  I now believe I should have removed the paint BEFORE I dripped the paint down the used file folder.

Since removing the paint was a bust, I decided to add red using a colored marker.  You can barely see a few letters I tried to remove, but the stencil worked fine with the colored marker. 

Next, it was time to put it all together.  Here is what it looks like after it was all together.  It's intended for Art Journal Journey, and Linda's 50 Shades of Red theme, along with Moo-Mania and More's music theme, as well as Try it on Tuesday's messy theme.

A few close ups show I added an "R" stencil and placed a photo slide behind it that was lying around on my table. 

I was really surprised how glittery and metallic the red paint looked under my full spectrum light once it dried.

I added a red and gold circle to one side of the tag,

and a red circle to the other side.

You can tell my black paint I added for effect was still wet, but I was out of time and didn't want to wait for the specks to dry.  I already made a mess when I tried to wipe off a big blob of black paint, so what you see is what you get.

For this piece I began with a used file folder (I believe they multiply while I sleep), added sheet music I colored in red dabber and glitter crayon, a used stencil, a gifted photo slide, a tag, and red and black craft acrylic paint.

I hope you will join me at Art Journal Journey, Moo-Mania and More, as well as Try it on Tuesday.  Each require something a bit different, but each have some of the greatest mixed media you will find anywhere.  And of course, thanks for joining me here today, too.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Today I'm joining Art Journal Journey where Linda of heARTfuly Inspired has chosen 50 Shades of Red to inspire us through the month of February.

For this entry, I chose to work in my 7 Continent altered book.

I apologize for the glare, but I was using two all-spectrum lights to show this latest entry.

I originally was going to color the stenciled letters with different colors of red, then realized I have enough trouble just staying within the lines when I used a black Sakura pen.

That's when I decided to doodle little dots inside the letters.  You can see I also outlined the torn edges of the central image in red ink.

For this entry in my 7 Continents altered book, my substrate, as usual, was a used file folder.  I colored the background using a dark red paint pen.  The central image was from a high end catalog on India, the stenciled letters were outlined using a black ink pen, and the pink dots were made using a pink paint pen.  The central image was outlined using red pigment ink.

Thanks for visiting today.  It means the world to me.  And please don't forget to visit Art Journal Journey where more inspiring art journal shades of red can be found.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Drive by shootings

While my friend Sally and I were out and about a few days ago, I turned on my camera and started taking pictures.  Sadly, every time I took a photo, Sally sped up.  Luckily, I managed to get a few decent drive by shots.

Before I walked to Sally's I took a few photos

of the Keeper of the Plains my next door neighbor made from steel.  It is fabulous and he did an excellent job.  What I would give to wrap some vinegar infused fabric around that sculpture and allow the sun to rust the fabric.

Luckily, the sun came out while Sally and I were out and about.

This is the Veterans Hospital in my town.

The VA (Veterans Administration) has taken a big hit because of the way it has treated our vets.

The flag above is our city flag.

I saw several of the city flags as we drove through this area.

This is the actual flag.  I found this information at a company who makes and sells these flags:
It's red, white and blue and sixty years old. It's also rarer than hen's teeth and recognized by very few Wichitans. It's the official flag of the City of Wichita. So few copies of the flag have ever been made and flown that most Wichitans have never seen it.
In a day when artists charge thousands of dollars to "develop a concept" for company logos, the 1937 prize money doesn't sound like much. A total of $85 was doled out among six top vote getters, but in hard economic times it was worth the effort. Artist Cecil McAlister was one of a large group of people vying for the $40 first prize in May, 1937. They submitted a hundred different designs to a panel of three other artists to judge. They selected McAlister's design, one based on Indian symbolism. It was accepted by proclamation on June 14, 1937, Flag Day.
Its complex design was originally made of silk and, as noted above, represents and sports an Indian/Native American emblem.  The flags are now made of nylon.

One of these days I want to visit this store.

Then it was off to lunch at a Mexican buffet.

Unfortunately, I only took three photos and none of them had our drinks in them.

But what impressed me was the tee Sally was wearing that showed her desire to save the bees.

Thanks for traveling with me around my town and joining me for lunch, too.